Quality – ISO Compliant

Erdle Perforating is a quality manufacturing company. Quality is our basic business principle. Quality means providing our external and internal customers with perforated products that fully satisfy their requirements. Quality improvement is the job of every Erdle employee.

The vital necessity to provide customers with quality products and services which fully satisfy their needs is the number one problem facing industry today. Erdle Perforating is no exception.

Our customers are requesting more exacting standards and tolerances that were not even possible a few years ago. They are demanding defect-free products, on-time delivery and supplier certification at the lowest cost.

What this means is our success as a company will be measured by customer satisfaction, and survival will depend upon meeting these higher expectations.

The changes that are necessary to compete in today’s manufacturing environment are nothing less than a total cultural change. We must improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business services, manufacturing processes and our products, and such attention to quality can only happen if you live it. This requires management commitment and everyone’s participation in skill building, employee empowerment, cross-functional teams and process simplification. It is a never-ending quest for continuous improvement.

This is consistent with our goal to be a leader in the markets we serve. By proceeding within the framework of market-driven quality, we will evolve into a stronger, more confident and profitable perforating company. The pursuit of excellence is, indeed, an absolute necessity.

Guy Anderson
Vice President & General Manager
AMICO Perforated Metals Division