Order Information

How to Specify

Checklist for Ordering or Quoting Perforated Material

State the number of perforated pieces, blanks, full sheets or lineal feet of coil required.

Specify in gauge numbers or in decimal inches.

State kind of metal or plastic required.

Width & Length
Unless otherwise specified, the length will be the long dimension of the sheet.

Size of Hole
Specify the size in inches or mm.

Quoting Perforated Material

Shape of Hole
Note the various types on the Sizes/Patterns page.

Pattern of Perforations
Specify “staggered” or “straight line”. Normally the straight row of a staggered pattern will run the long dimension of the sheet.

Spacing of Perforations
Spacing described on the Tolerances page is standard.

If margins are not important, specify “minimum” or “no margins”. If margins are desired, state the margin required for each of the four sides of the sheet.

Slotted Perforations
Specify whether the long dimension of the slot is parallel to the long or the short dimension of the sheet or plate.

IPA standards unless otherwise specified.

Fabrication/Value Added
Specify any added fabricating and/or forming of product. A print with tolerances can be emailed, faxed, or sent in the mail.