The company traces its roots back to 1870 when a young millwright named G. Frederick Erdle formed a partnership with a friend along Brown’s Race in Rochester, New York. They made grain separators and bran dusters, both of which required perforated components. At the time, there was also a demand for custom perforated metals for the grain and decorative product industries. As markets changed, Erdle’s flair for innovation helped develop drilling machines and even perforating presses. In 1905, the company was incorporated in New York State and became Erdle Perforating Company.

Product demand shifted as the world went to war, then evaporated when the Great Depression swept the country. The company survived numerous business cycles through innovation and ingenuity , then by focusing on custom perforated products. This proved to be advantageous when consumer demand exploded after the second world war. By the mid 1900’s Erdle was servicing industries in all parts of the world, and was able to offer over 10,000 designs to chose from. Applications developed in acoustical products, heating units, safety guards and speaker grilles. As the company grew, a new plant was constructed in 1968 in Rochester. Demand increased with emerging markets in architectural panels, pollution control, airline industries, clean rooms, retail displays and all kinds of filters.

Erdle opened a second perforating and fabrication plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1975 as industry moved south. The automotive plants offered immense opportunities and Erdle became a major supplier of perforated products such as airbags, exhaust components and interior panels.

Today, Erdle Perforating has emerged as a leader in the perforating industry. We offer engineered products and value added capability to make completed products. Erdle continues to maintain its flair for innovation by providing perforated metals, plastics and other materials to over 25 major markets. We pride ourselves in superior customer service. Our goal is to fully satisfy customer requirements… and everyone at Erdle strives to exceed those expectations.