Erdle Profile

About Erdle Perforating

As a Leader in the perforated material industry for over 135 years, Erdle Perforating can supply perforated products from concept to completion. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus. Erdle produces the highest quality products used for architectural perforated metal projects as well as many other uses such as to filter, aerate, protect, grade, diffuse, sort, heat, clean, give a visual effect, absorb sound or ventilate enclosures.

To meet your varied requirements, Erdle employs the latest technology for perforated metal, tooling, fabricating and auxiliary processes. Our highly trained employees are our heart and soul. Dedication, attitude, aptitude, training, experience and high quality standards has allowed Erdle to grow into a leader in the perforating industry. We are dedicated to matching the aesthetics and functional tolerances you require in a timely, cost-competitive manner.

In partnership with you, we are prepared to meet all of your perforated and fabricated needs – both old and new.


Guy Anderson
Vice President & General Manager
AMICO Perforated Metals Division